Data AttachmentsΒΆ

Tree nodes can have data attached to them. Some of the most comonly used include:

  • Bloom Filter
  • Cardinality Estimator
  • Secondary Counts (think views and bytes for URLs)
  • Creation or touch time (for TTLs)
  • Top-k Estimator
  • Histograms

Data attachments can be purly informational (such as a sum) or affect the rest of a tree. A limits how many children a node can have. Continuing our product code example. For each version of a product we might want to keep track of how many domains that product is used for, and a small sample of the most popular domains, but not store every single domain. Cardinality and top-k estimators allow you to do that:

{type:"value", key:"PRODUCT_VERSION", data:{
    cdom:{type:"count", key:"PAGE_DOMAIN", max:5000000},
    dom:{type:"", key:"PAGE_DOMAIN", size:200},
    uid:{type:"count", key:"UID", max:50000000},
    bytes:{type:"sum", key:"XFER_BYTES"},

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